Floor Preparation

For a perfect finish, and to meet warranty conditions, the sub floor must be flat and smooth. If the subfloor has peaks and valleys in it, the locking system of a floating floor could be compromised and it will cause unevenness and "lipping" in tiles. With stiffer floating floors like Laminate and Hardwood, it could lead to creaking noises and cracking or breaking of the locking system. If the sub floor is rough and bumpy, it will need to be smoothed or skimmed out. Installing over a rough subfloor will lead to uneven wear patterns.

The industry accepted variation in sub floor levels is less than 3mm over 1 lineal metre in any direction.


LogoSub floor preparation is an essential part of any flooring project and must be completed before installation. At CANTAB we offer specialist preparation services to deal with any sub floor problems that may be encountered. We work with both concrete and timber sub floors. Our services include:

  • Concrete grinding.
  • Expoxy filling of concrete cracks.
  • FLC floor levelling.
  • Timber floor sanding.
  • Installation of tile underboard.

The finished result of your new floor will reflect the sub floor that it is installed over. Installing a floating or tiled floor over a poorly prepared or unsuitable sub floor will only result in a sub standard floor that will not last as long as it should, and will possibly void the warranty.

At CANTAB we pride ourselves in providing quality advice and workmanship.

Using CANTAB for every step of your new flooring project will ensure a superior floor and peace of mind for years to come.