Floating Floors

A floating floor is the no mess, no fuss way to get a beautiful floor in your home - instantly. Transform your existing floor with the warmth and comfort of a floating floor, without the hassle.

Floating floors are available in a huge range of colour and styles and come in the form of Engineered Timber, Luxury Vinyl Planking (LVT), Bamboo and Laminates.

Easy Installation

LogoA floating floor can be laid over most surfaces including particle board, timber, tiles and concrete as long as they are level, clean and dry.

The floor is installed on a foam underlay, which provides good noise insulation, making them ideal for use in multi-storey apartment buildings and homes.

Floating floors are not fixed to the sub floor which allows for expansion and contraction of the floor without the problems associated with fixed flooring. As heat and humidity levels change in the home, the floor moves as one which stops the joins from opening and floor boards poping under pressure.

Easy Care

Floating floors are conveniently pre-finished and once installed, will provide you with a stunning new floor that you can walk on immediately. Floating floors are easy to clean and require minimum maintenance; just a regular sweep with an electrostatic mop, soft broom or vacuum, and when necessary, a quick mop using a proprietry floor cleaner with warm water and a well-wrung cotton mop. Some flloating floors can be sanded and recoated for a lifetime of good looks.

Installation Guarantee

Product warrantees vary between suppliers and products, but the good ones offer extensive warrantees up to 25yrs. Most have specific installation instructions that must be followed in order to qualify for a warranty. Cantab offers a professional inatallation service for all floating floors that is guaranteed to meet manufacturer specific installation specifications. Our installers are professionals who pride themselves on achieving the highest standards of professional trade craftsmanship and ethical business practice.