Waterproof Tanking

Effective waterproofing is vital for tiled showers and splashbacks and important to keep bathrooms, laundries and kitchens generally in good condition. Too often, poor waterproofing results in tiling failures, leaks and costly repairs.

BRANZ Recommendation

As good practice for tile finishes, BRANZ recommends the installation of a waterproofing membrane:Logo

  • in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries, to all absorbent floor substrates
  • in an open shower, to all wall tiles within 1.5 m of a fixed showerhead plus the length of the flexible shower hose – waterproofing should go to the ceiling where the showerhead is removable
  • in an open shower over a bath, to all wall tiles as above or the length of the bath plus 300 mm for a fixed showerhead
  • in an enclosed shower, to all floor and wall tiles – waterproofing should go to the ceiling where a removable showerhead is installed
  • for baths, waterproofing should extend at least 300 mm above and beyond the top of the side and ends of the bath
  • for basins, waterproofing should go at least 150 mm above and past the hand basin.


For a professional and long lasting result, your wet area should be installed by a qualified installer who is trained in the specific product being used. CANTAB are qualified installers for the ARDEX and MAPEI brands of waterproofing compounds. Once installed you will be issued with Workmanship Warranty and Material Warranty documents and a Producer Statement for your Code of Compliance with your local council.