Quality tiles have a lasting and a timeless elegance that is hard to match. Transform your bathroom or kitchen with the luxury of beautiful ceramic or porcelean tiles.

Tiles have been manufactured for centuries and used by people in every layer of society. They have a strong reputation for being extremely versatile and hard wearing. They are particularly good in wet areas. Once installed they offer a long term solution.


LogoTiles can be laid over most surfaces including particle board, timber and concrete as long as they are level, clean and dry. In the case of timber and particle board a layer of Tile and Slate underlay is glued and nailed to the floor before the tiles are installed. This helps protect the tiles from any movement caused by the timber sub floor moving.

Modern tile adhesives are designed to allow some movement in the sub floor without cracking the tiles. Once installed, tiles will need to be left for at least 24hrs before walking on them to allow the adhesive to harden sufficiently.

It is a good idea to seal the grout once it is dry. Regular cement grout, even polymer-modified grout is porous and subject to staining if not properly sealed.

Tile Maintenance

  • Always use “neutral pH” cleaners for routine cleaning of tile, stone and grout.
  • Keep walking surfaces clean and dry to reduce possibility of “slip-fall” accidents.
  • Read label directions completely before using product.
  • Test products on small area to determine desired results.
  • Never mix different products unless approved by manufacturer.
  • Utilise alkaline (high pH) cleaners periodically for neglected areas subject to food-contaminant soiling, and on textured surfaces.
  • Utilise a scrub brush periodically in place of a sponge or mop on textured surfaces that tend to hold onto dirt and other contaminants.
  • Use mild acidic cleaners only when problems exist such as cured grout residue or mineral deposits. Even the safer-type acids manufactured by Aqua Mix should not be used on acid-sensitive surfaces such as polished marble.

Satisfaction Guarantee

No two tile jobs are the same. Depending on site conditions, the requirements vary significantly. At CANTAB we use only the best quality adhesives and grouts giving peace of mind and guaranteeing a high quality and long lasting result.
Operating since 2004, CANTAB recognises the importance of quality workmanship for both business and client. We strive for the highest standards of professional trade craftsmanship and ethical business practice and pride ourselves on doing a great job.